About Us

We set up Piton Capital having been centrally involved in businesses with network economics at Autotrader, Betfair and QXL Ricardo. Choosing the network economics theme was natural – it is where we have succeeded in the past and means that we contribute the best part of our knowledge and experience to the right businesses. This lets us continually learn and improve our contribution to the companies in which we specialise.

Piton’s sole focus is to invest in businesses that we believe can benefit from network effects. We are stage and style-agnostic and will invest from seed to late stage (€200k to €15m). Our main geographic focus is Europe but we will invest farther afield with strong local partners, and in emerging markets in businesses we know well.

Why Choose Piton Capital?

Focus – specialist knowledge from years of work with network businesses
Entrepreneurs – we’ve done what our founders are doing all our careers
Alignment – we invest a high proportion of our own money in our deals

Rock climber
Piton Theme

Picture of two pitons

In rock climbing, a piton is a steel spike hammered into a crack to act as an anchor, protecting against the consequences of a fall and assisting upward progress. This iconography describes our firm well: we all are or have been keen mountaineers or climbers; the journey to the summit is interesting and exciting; it requires teamwork; and a piton is something that helps you manage risk.