If you are running a network effects business and raising a VC round we would like to meet you and discuss your business and its financial requirements. Contact us at

We would ideally like to see:

• Management presentation
• Operating metrics / KPI’s
• Financial history and forecasts

If you think Piton is the sort of partner you are looking for we would encourage you to see us early, well before your fundraise, and keep us updated on the progress of your business. It is not necessary to do this but it is the most effective way to make sure we are up to speed at the right time.

Too early for VC? - Piton Office Hours

At Piton Capital, we are always looking to meet new, interesting start-ups that will fit the fund’s profile and to give early-stage start-ups an opportunity to get to know our investment team, we have introduced Piton Office Hours. These consist of short informal chats during which you can share your business idea.

Next date: March 6th.

Is this right for your venture? Yes – if you meet all 3 criteria:

• A business with network effects
• Post-launch
• Not currently raising a VC round

For your opportunity to meet the team, please send a short note & investor presentation to to apply with “Office Hours” in the title.